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I work with people over the age of 40 who are struggling with overwhelming feelings, remembering things, and foggy thinking to unlock optimal brain health so that they can do what they love and be present in their lives!

As a holistic nutrition coach with a strong family history of Alzheimer’s and mental illness, I’ve spent over 10 years learning how to mitigate the risks. Now I take an approach that’s both data-driven and human-centered to help my clients understand their risks and how they can mitigate them so that they can maintain their independence and quality of life as long as possible!

Nutritional therapy foundations course

This is an introduction to 6 nutritional therapy foundations that are at the heart of an evidence-based, individualized nutrition process meant to support support balanced emotions, improved memory, and clear thinking. Each module includes a lesson with relevant activities, challenges, and handouts to boost your knowledge of nutrition and how you can support your brain health with food and lifestyle changes. This is a great place to start!


One-on-one vip services

I offer 1:1 VIP services to a very limited number of clients. If you’re interested in working together to achieve your health goals, or if you just have questions, please click on the button below and book a complimentary brain health strategy session so that we can get to know each other and determine the best path forward.

I make dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations after a thorough intake process (your goals, medical/family history, symptom report, food/mood journal, hair tissue mineral analysis, blood work, and genetic genie report). I use the information provided by the intake process to guide any necessary research and write a detailed report of my findings/recommendations. We use your goals and the recommendations to develop an implementation plan together designed to suit your individual needs and give you the support you need to achieve success! The nutritional assessment is unique to you and I use lots of different implementation tools with you depending on what you need.

Free 30-Minute Brain Health Strategy Session

About HTMA

Sample Nutritional Assessment


Coming Soon! Finally free intuitive eating course

Learn how to get off the sugar addiction roller coaster, find a better way to meet emotional needs, ditch limiting beliefs, tap into inner strength and courage, break negative habits, learn to eat intuitively, take back control, and learn the secrets of lasting change.

  1. Payment arrangements are required before services are rendered. I accept credit cards. 
  2. I do not take any type of insurance. However, with a Letter of Treatment from your Doctor some Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will allow you to pay for the above mentioned services. Please work with your FSA/HSA directly to determine if your plan covers these services.
  3. Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease and are not meant to replace your primary care physician. FNTPs are meant to work alongside your doctor to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.