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Learn the nutrition and lifestyle strategies I’ve discovered over 10 years of optimizing my own brain health to balance emotions, improve memory, increase focus, and think clearly.

I work with people over the age of 40 who struggle with feelings that are overwhelming, faulty memory, difficulty with focus, and foggy thinking to unlock optimal brain health so that they can do what they love and be present in their lives!

Jessica Moore, MA, FNTP, RYS200


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“There are steps we can all take now to prevent the cognitive decline that experts have long believed to be unavoidable and irreversible.”
― Dale Bredesen


Reading Ingredient Lists

  Let’s break down the importance of reading ingredient lists, how to purchase packaged foods wisely, and ultimately, what ingredients you should be avoiding. In a perfect world, your diet will consist only of nutrient-dense whole foods and you’ll avoid anything that comes in a package and processed in a factory. In real life, this …

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Jessica Moore enthusiastically listened to all of my goals and concerns, and helped me find a natural, gentle approach that wouldn’t overwhelm me. She utilized simple tests that confirmed what supplements were right for me. I’m experiencing increased ease and energy in my life thanks to Jessica!” – Liz T.

This program (RESTART) really opened my eyes to so many alternative food choices, and showed me how much room for improvement there was in my relationship with food. I feel like I’m equipped to make better choices for life, and to enjoy foods more responsibly from a health standpoint. I’m glad I did it and I’m sure this program can be valuable for anyone.” – Greg G.

“I learned so much! It’s exciting to have new things to try instead of giving up on foods that have given me trouble in the past. The length of the classes (The Elements of Digestive Magic Class Series) is just right, not too long but packed with useful information. The only improvement would be to have more classes! The format is great and it’s convenient to attend from the comfort of home. ” – Kristina M.

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“I started the 30-day no sugar challenge about 3 weeks ago. The food is what I buy and prepare, the meals are delicious, and I’ve accidentally lost 14 pounds already without trying. In addition to trying out some new recipes, we found that we could taste our food better once we had refined sugars out of our system. Our sweet potato actually tasted… sweet! The best part of the experience was gaining confidence that I could feed myself this way as often as I’d like, and that I don’t have to be on or off a diet… I could just eat and know that my body was happy. I didn’t expect to lose much weight as the idea was a body detox, but as of day 30 I was shocked at how much I lost. Jessica has been a tremendous support and very responsive as I went through this journey. She’s the real deal in case you’d like to work with someone on your own mid-life pudge. I’m looking forward to continuing to eat this way going forward, as well as being better able to appreciate the sweets I choose to eat.” – Kirsten O.

“I have had the privilege to engage in group and 1 on 1 work with jess. In the process have become more empowered with trying and cooking new foods, have become more educated on the way food process in your body and with these tools have been able to reverse my diabetes. My journey has not been easy but surely one of the most rewarding. My engagement with her has been kind, driven by me, she meets me where I am at and has always considered the whole picture, at least what I have shared with her. Her care and attention to detail has been more than I could hope for. Keep up the great work Jess!!! I appreciate you so very much!” – Gavyn H.

“Learning about these topics has helped me choose healthier oils for cooking, and has taught me how to keep my energy more stable during the day. I feel like I can control my blood sugar levels better, and now I know how important blood sugar is for my heath overall.” – Akiko G.

I love you! I am learning so much! I honestly think my therapy yesterday went better because I could access feelings that were blunted before doing this class (Finally Free) and reducing carbs.” – Kim M.



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