Nutritional Deficiencies and Supplements

  Numerous studies show that even though most American’s get more than enough calories, a shocking ~90% don’t get enough of one or more vitamins and minerals in their diets. (1-5) This includes from the vitamins and minerals that are naturally occurring in our food, fortified and enriched foods, and dietary supplementation. For example, a comprehensive study […]

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Reading Ingredient Lists

  Let’s break down the importance of reading ingredient lists, how to purchase packaged foods wisely, and ultimately, what ingredients you should be avoiding. In a perfect world, your diet will consist only of nutrient-dense whole foods and you’ll avoid anything that comes in a package and processed in a factory. In real life, this

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Improving Gut Health

  People often say, “you are what you eat” but the truth is “you are what you absorb.” Meaning, you can have the healthiest diet of properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods, but you must also be able to adequately break down the nutrients you’re consuming. Here’s the good news: with a few small lifestyle adjustments,

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